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Stand Up for Downs

Squat Challenge 2018

YOU can help The Ashley DeRamus Foundation spread awareness about Down Syndrome and the need for everyone to stay physically active.

It’s fun and easy! All you have to do is join us for 21 squats for 21 days.


Be creative, make them as easy or as challenging as you want. Stand up from a seated position, do air squats or load a barbell with massive weights, the choice is yours!

Ashley is excited to see you, and her peers, make a fun commitment to staying active. Video yourself doing the squats for 21 days, tag a different friend on social media, through email or in person everyday and challenge them to join in on the fun. Be sure and include the link ( and help us continue to spread awareness by making a $21 donation.

If you coach a team, own or run a gym, box, dojo, weight loss center or other organization focused on fitness, the Squat Challenge is a great way to motivate your athletes and help spread the word about The Ashley DeRamus Foundation and your facility. Plan a day to kick off the Squat Challenge, video your team and then challenge other gyms to join in. Remember to have all of your members continue the Squat Challenge for 21 days too.


Proceeds will go to The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs and The Ashley DeRamus Foundation to continue to spread awareness around the world about Down Syndrome!

Be sure to "like" The Ashley DeRamus Foundation on Facebook and share your videos with us!

For questions or to schedule Ashley to speak or join your team for a Squat Challenge kickoff email:

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